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Home automation systems

Through the combined use of telecommunications, electrical engineering, electronics and IT, FIEL S.p.A. creates integrated systems for the automation of processes, guaranteeing a more efficient control and management of the technological systems for safety and control of operation and energy saving.

Builds home automation systems and works in all sectors, in particular in the residential and service industry: home automation management allows remote management of the system and swifter less unwieldy intervention in case of problems or changes to the system.


Palazzo Anselmi

/ Vittorio Veneto (TV)

LaGare Hotel Venice

/ Venezia Murano (VE)

Cruise Terminal

/ Venice Maritime Station (VE)

Academy University

/ Trieste (TS)

Hotel & Residence Hesperia

/ Lido di Jesolo (VE)

Cattel Catering

/ Noventa di Piave (VE)

Hotel The One

/ Caorle (VE)

LaGare Hotel Milan

/ Milano (MI)

Metropolitan Theatre Astra

/ San Donà di Piave (VE)

Apartments The Summer Houses

/ Lido di Jesolo (VE)

Merville Casa nel parco

/ Lido di Jesolo (VE)

Pieve di Soligo Sports Facility

/ Pieve di Soligo (TV)

Hotel Il Sereno

/ Como (CO)


/ Roncade (TV)

Forma 2000

/ San Stino di Livenza (VE)
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