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Solar panel systems

Clean energy from the sun

The growing sensitivity to environmental issues, containment of consumption and the legal obligations for the construction of new buildings led to the request for solar panel installations in all the sectors in which FIEL S.p.A. operates.

FIEL S.p.A. is always up-to-date on the new types of panels on the market and on new installation techniques, both for small domestic systems and for large plants serving industrial centres, creating systems with appropriate technology for each type of building and project:

  • Integrated systems,
  • Systems on industrial rooves,
  • Vertical wall systems,
  • Solar cell roof tiles


LaGare Hotel Milan

/ Milano (MI)

Mirandola Sport Facility

/ Mirandola (MO)

Coop Supermarket

/ Padova (PD)

Hotel The One

/ Caorle (VE)

Cruise Terminal

/ Venice Maritime Station (VE)

Maxì Supermarket

/ San Giorgio di Livenza (VE)

Merville Casa nel parco

/ Lido di Jesolo (VE)
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