Consultation and energy interventions Immagine

Consultation and energy interventions

At FIEL S.p.A. a special energy consulting division aids customers when choosing by studying their needs in detail,  where consumption is highest and giving advice on how to reduce energy waste, offering specific advice on energy issues, invoicing and suppliers. 

More and more the company mission is directed towards energy saving, to a conscientious and controlled use of energy, allowing consumption to be kept to a minimum.

In addition to technological innovation, FIEL S.p.A. aims to choose a product that is the best on the market in terms of efficiency and energy saving, within existing laws and norms, possible concessions on which the customer can draw, legal obligations to which the company must adhere.

In industry, in order for companies to meet the requirements of Legislative Decree 102/2014 the installation of measuring instruments is fundamental in the energy field.

The installation of remote controlled measuring instruments enables monitoring of all company consumption, company performance and help identify costs where savings can be made: a correct energy analysis is the first step towards saving.

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