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Elettrical plants

FIEL S.p.A. is active in all plant engineering sectors: industrial, service industry, hotel, residential, major public infrastructure and special environments, such as hospitals, sports centres, schools.

The company is specialized in the design and construction of plants in the restoration of historic buildings and buildings of historical interest: it has completed numerous jobs in the historic centre of Venice, competently addressing all the peculiarities and special attention that these types of buildings require.

The electrical systems installed, and mostly designed by FIEL, are designed to meet the needs of the customer by using known and reliable products, thanks to the consolidated supply network: the company knows all the suppliers directly and has been working with the majority of them for many years.

The attention to market demands is always high: at FIEL S.p.A. we are ready to incorporate technological innovations and customer needs, evaluating new products and manufacturers. The company's philosophy is to offer customers a product that is always up-to-date, that meets their needs and meets quality standards: this is why FIEL technicians are always up-to-date with new products on the market


SME Centre

/ San Donà di Piave (VE)

Hotel Excelsior

/ Lido di Venezia (VE)

Cruise Terminal

/ Venice Maritime Station

Nicelli Airport Control Tower

/ Lido di Venezia (VE)

Metropolitan Theatre Astra

/ San Donà di Piave (VE)

Cattel Catering

/ Noventa di Piave (VE)

Pieve di Soligo Sports Facility

/ Pieve di Soligo (TV)

Forma 2000

/ San Stino di Livenza (VE)

Cinema Multisala

/ Parma, Padova, Trieste, Silea, Udine

Foundation "Giorgio Cini"

/ Isola San Giorgio, Venezia

Hotel & Residence Hesperia

/ Lido di Jesolo (VE)

Leopardi 15

/ Milano

Rosa Micro

/ Ceggia (VE)


/ Noventa di Piave (VE)


/ Monastier di Trevisto (TV)

Papa Luciani Museum

/ Canale d'Agordo (BL)

Palazzo Anselmi

/ Vittorio Veneto (TV)

Ville del Forte

/ Forte dei Marmi (LU)

Montecchio Emilia Hospital

/ Montecchio (Emilia)
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