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Past experience, looking to the future.

The company was founded in 1960: Franco Fornasier started a small artisanal electrical installation business. Thanks to the quality, professionalism and care of every phase of work, the company grew and built a loyal clientele which, over the years, meant an increase in orders and support structure, which had various locations up to the current production site, an area of over 12,000 square metres.

After a few years, at the end of their studies in engineering and economics, sons Michele, Federico and daughter, Lisa joined the company: building on their father's decades of entrepreneurial experience, they transformed the florid artisanal business into a solid and organized industrial structure.

In 2004 the field of operation was expanded by the acquisition of Maddalena S.r.l., a historic Venetian company specialized in thermo-hydraulic and air-conditioning systems, based in the historic centre of Venice, absorbing its specific know-how with the integration of technical and operational staff into FIEL S.p.A..

In 2010 FIEL became a S.p.A., with a capital of € 200,000.00 entirely owned by the Fornasier family.

The company continues to look to the future and has always been aware of the demands of the market trying to understand the needs of the customer and restructuring to respond to them. FIEL S.p.A. has grown a lot over the years: today it has a staff of 120 people, its vehicle park and equipment makes it an ideal partner for jobs of any size with accurate quality control and execution times.

Balanced books is an important asset, and profits are continuously reinvested into the company, to ensure financial stability for facing the various market phases with necessary tranquility.

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