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Industrial sector

Energy for work and security

In the industrial sector FIEL S.p.A. has a proven track record in the design and construction of Medium Voltage power plants and in production and business facilities, including:

  • Electrical installations,
  • Special systems including CCTV, optical fibre, data network and BUS network,
  • Sanitary water systems,
  • Air conditioning systems,
  • Fire prevention systems,
  • Smoke detection systems,
  • Compressed air systems,
  • Plants for technical gases,
  • Industrial automation systems.

FIEL S.p.A. is particularly attentive to energy and economic savings, the control of energy consumption, production lines and the intelligent management of the factory is achieved with specific monitoring systems as required.

In the industrial sector, many companies have continuous-cycle production plants: it is essential for them to keep the plants running smoothly and, if necessary, to intervene rapidly. For this reason, FIEL S.p.A. offers routine maintenance and on-call emergency services available 24 hours a day.



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