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Major infrastructure

FIEL S.p.A. strives to offer a quality service that meets the high standards asked by public administration, both for new projects and renovation.

FIEL S.p.A.’s constructions designed and built for the public sector are of particular social and economic importance:

  • Cultural centres,
  • Theatres,
  • Museums,
  • Schools,
  • Management offices.

CCB certification in the relevant categories permits the company to satisfy a large number of requests in this sector to high technological standards, safety and building automation essential for the correct management of:

  • Electrical systems and public lighting,
  • Special systems i.e access control, intercom, CCTV,
  • Water-sanitary systems,
  • Air conditioning systems,
  • Fire prevention systems,
  • Management and control of buildings,
  • Renewable energy plants, in particular solar panels.


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